Why Opting for an Epoxy Driveway is Worth It in 2023

The aesthetics and functionality of a property can be significantly improved by a well-designed driveway. A well-constructed driveway not only elevates the charm of a property but also enhances its durability. One way to achieve this is by installing an epoxy driveway. This article explores why it’s worth considering an epoxy driveway in 2023.

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

What Is an Epoxy Driveway?

An epoxy driveway is achieved by applying a layer of epoxy coating over a driveway’s existing surface. The primary components of epoxy are a polyamine hardener and an epoxide resin. Once mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs, producing heat, which causes the epoxy to bind to the concrete surface.

Contrary to epoxy paint, which is used to paint areas with high traffic and laboratories, an epoxy coating comprises three layers, including a color layer, a base or topcoat, and a combined thickness ranging from 1mm-5mm. In contrast, paints usually have a single layer.

Advantages of an Epoxy Coating

1. Versatility

Epoxy coating can be applied on any concrete surface. It can be used on indoor concrete floors, driveways, and other surfaces. By combining additives such as plasticisers or reactive diluents with the epoxy coating, it can resist heat without getting discoloured. Plus, the additives prevent it from getting slippery when wet. This makes it ideal for creating easy-to-maintain and clean epoxy driveways.

2. Strength

Epoxy coating is highly durable and can handle a lot of abuse, be it dropped tools, leaking fluids, or chemical spills. Its robust nature is further enhanced by the strong bond it forms with concrete.

3. Aesthetics

Epoxy coatings are not only strong but also visually appealing. With countless design options available, they can elevate the appearance of your driveway. The coating is gleaming, making the driveway appear brighter, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

4. Low Maintenance

Having an epoxy coating on a concrete driveway results in flooring that is easy to maintain. It’s porous, so it doesn’t stain, even from antifreeze or oil leaking from a car. You won’t need any special detergent to wipe out these liquids- spray a mixture of mild detergent and water to get rid of them.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Replacing a Garage Floor with Epoxy

The overall cost of replacing a garage floor with epoxy can vary depending on several factors. Here are some elements that can affect the overall cost:

1. Garage Floor Size

The size and shape of garage floors are significant factors that directly impact the cost of an epoxy flooring project. The larger the floor area, the more materials and labor will be required, leading to an increase in cost.

2. Type of Epoxy

The type of epoxy you choose also impacts the cost. Basic epoxies tend to be more affordable but offer less in terms of durability or performance. Premium or specialty epoxies like metallic or decorative options can be more expensive but provide better durability and performance.

3. Labor Cost

The labor cost for epoxy flooring projects varies depending on the project’s complexity, the condition of the existing floor, and the expertise of contractors. Experienced and reputable epoxy flooring contractors may charge higher rates but can provide better quality work.

4. Materials Cost

Additional materials, such as primer, sealers, and topcoats, may be required. The cost of these materials can vary based on factors such as the brand, quality, and the specific quantity needed for your project.

Best Garage Floor Coatings in 2023

There are several excellent options for garage floor coatings, but here are a few notable ones:

1. Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kit

This polycuramine floor coating kit is crack and peel-resistant. It features a self-leveling compound that covers up to a 2.5-car space and provides a fast-drying, high-gloss finish.

2. KILZ Epoxy Acrylic Garage Floor Paint

Available in silver or slate gray, this epoxy acrylic paint is a durable and easy-to-clean garage and concrete coating. This chemical-resistant paint dries to the touch in 2 hours.

3. Colored Epoxies Clear Resin Coating

Made with 100% solid epoxy, this garage floor coating retains its thickness and shape when curing after application. The epoxy is water-, mildew-, and mold-resistant and dries in 7-9 hours.

4. Siloxa-Tek Penetrating Concrete Sealer

This floor coating protects concrete surfaces from water and moisture damage. The product doesn’t require pre-mixing.

5. Rust-Oleum Concrete Floor Paint

This 1-gallon can of paint comes with a protective, smooth gray satin finish that can be applied to garages, patios, and basements. The easy-to-use paint can be washed with soap, is formulated with advanced acrylic technology and is fade- and stain-resistant for a durable look.


In conclusion, an epoxy driveway is worth considering in 2023 due to its versatility, strength, aesthetics, and low maintenance. The cost of replacing a garage floor with epoxy is influenced by the garage floor size, type of epoxy, labor cost, and materials cost. While there are many garage floor coatings, some of the best in 2023 include the Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kit, KILZ Epoxy Acrylic Garage Floor Paint, Colored Epoxies Clear Resin Coating, Siloxa-Tek Penetrating Concrete Sealer, and Rust-Oleum Concrete Floor Paint.